Songs for our little friends

Release date late September 2020


Local Sunshine Coast singer-songwriters, Andrea Kirwin and Nyssa Ray have teamed up to create a beautifully crafted children's album titled, 'Songs for our little friends'. Physical copies are now available for pre-sale and the full album will be available in digital form from October 1st. The album is a fusion of Andrea's cruisy islander soul and harmonies and Nyssa's country pop production and is sure to be a family favourite for young children and people who love happy, feel good tunes.

Songs on the Album:

1. Wishing on Stars (2:39)

2. Eat the Alphabet (3:22)

3. My Dog and Me (2:44)

4. Love Everybody (2:03)

5. Chulu Chululu*  (3:03)

6. Grown Up Me (2:14)

7. Incy Wincy Spider** (1:30)

8. My Baby (4:08)

9. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star ** (3:10)

10. What a Wonderful World (Cover) (2:43)



* Fijian nursery rhyme from Andrea's mother's island of Matuku, Fiji.

** Nursery rhyme adaptations by Nyssa Ray.





Wishing on Stars - Andrea and Nyssa
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A Quiet Revolution

Released 2nd February 2017


Andrea Kirwin's latest full length Sister Album, recorded, mixed and mastered by Govinda Doyle at his studio in the Gold Coast hinterland. Maleny and mastered with Tom Coyne, NY. The album inclues 12 original tracks and five covers of Andrea's favourite Artists. Featuring Andrea's sister Litia Kirwin on ukulele and back up vocals. Album comes with lyrics booklet.

Songs on the Album:

1. A Quiet Revolution (3:40)

2. Blue Skies (3:26)

3. Into the Unknown (4:48)

4. Save our Souls (3:10)

5. Sugar Man *Rodriguez cover  (2.28)

6. Mystify (3:31)

7. Under the Lemon Tree (2:34)

8. You Don't Know (3:52)

9. Fast Car *Tracy Chapman cover (5:20)

10. Light Echoes Out (3:36)


11. Lewa Lai Lai (3:29)

12. Amazing Grace *Traditional (3:28)

13. Wild Rocket (2:59)

14. In the Garden (3:16)

15. Fields of Gold *Sting Cover (3:21)

16. My Island Dream (4:24)

17. Here Comes the Sun *Beatles                     cover (2:16)




Amazing Grace - Andrea Kirwin
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The Story of Us

Released 2nd October 2015


Andrea Kirwin's second band album, recorded at Spark 1 Studios Maleny and mastered with Tom Coyne, NY. The Album was produced with the help of a Regional Arts Development Fund Grant (RADF) from the Sunshine Coast Council and Arts QLD. Featuring special guests DJ Total Eclipse (NY) and Alex Burkoy (Tinpan Orange)  on violin. Album comes with lyrics booklet. 

Songs on the Album:

1. The Story of Us (5:07)

2. Higher in Love (4:18)

3. New Day (3.38)

4. Distance (Feat. DJ Total Eclipse). (4:39)

5. Cross Over Now (3:31)

6. Rodriquez (4:04)

7. Only Yesterday (3:39)

8. Mellow Moon (3:08)

9. Breathe in Breathe Out (5:10)

10. Right Here (4:41)



The Story of Us - Andrea Kirwin
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From the Ground Up

Released 29th June 2013


Andrea Kirwin's debut full length Album, recorded at Spark 1 Studios Maleny and mastered with Tom Coyne, NY. The Album was produced under Andrea's independent Label, Peace Run Records and was all about setting the right intentions. Lyrically, this album is full of positive affirmations. The Album features strings, horn section and comes with lyrics booklet.

Songs on the Album:

1. Little Birdy

2. Mary Go Round

3. From the Ground Up

4. Walk Your Talk

5. Yellow Brick Road

6. Chillin in the midday sun

7. My Guarded Tower

8. Drummer Boy

9. Friend til the very end

10. Promise Land



Yellow Brick Road - Andrea Kirwin
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